Integrated Pest Management Services was established by our visionary Mr. Jayesh Rathod professional Agriculturist having wide experience in this field. As a Pest Management Specialist, we can provide a full range of Pest control services—from Training and Consulting to latest innovative technologies of Pest Management Services and their documentations. We follow IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach which goes beyond chemical treatment to take advantage of a much wider scope of pest management techniques like Chemical method, Biological method and Mechanical method. We suggest "Preventive & Hygienic Measures" by making assessment of your plant & its surroundings with optimum use of pesticides and make appropriate planning of Pest Management Services to minimize risk of any pest that may cause risk of quality, reputation of brand name and standards of your customers and audit of HACCP, AIB, ISO etc.



The Integrated Pest Management Services in an exclusive three step approach that ensures that you have healthy, high performing, safe and pest free fecility.
Scan : We will perform an industry benchmarking and historic trend analysis.
Probe : Our expert will than conduct a systemic audit of the site in terms of the pest incidence, source of entry, harborage areas and their management.
Solve : Through a full portfolio of innovation, we provide the effective technologies,practices and products that deliver improved results, save time, reduce disruptio & hazard to your staff and environment.

Why Employ the Integrated Pest Management :-

We use technological superior products
Increase food and plant safety
Environmentally safe
Reduce your pest incidence level drastically
Minimize use of pesticides wile using IPM approach
Improve the cleaning and hygiene level
Help you understand the pest problems and its management aligned with industry standard
Maintain brand integrity