Integrated Mosquito Management Service


The problem of mosquito is one of the most common and virulent among any other pest problem. They are everywhere and in plenty. While mosquitoes are more active in dark, they do not leave their prey even during the day. The mosquitoes breed anywhere that is moist or watery. They prefer to breed in stagnant water. Mosquitoes not only give you a painful bite but it is one of the most active pests that spread harmful diseases. They suck blood and transmit diseases like malaria, encephalitis, dengue and various other diseases. These infectious creatures prefer to live in the dark corners of the houses, inside the bushes in the garden or anyplace that is moist.

IPM offer one of the most effective and long lasting control measures using with integrated pest Management approach.

Service Offering: :-

  Thorough inspection of affected site and surrounding area

  Anti Larval treatment

  Inside residual spray


  Information on preventive measures provided